How to get to Naples International Airport by Train

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Naples International Airport Train Transfers

Once arrived at Naples Airport, please make sure to collect all personal luggage from the Baggage Claim area before exiting the secure area to proceed to the chosen transfer from the airport. Available options of transfer include rental cars, taxis and buses.

Trains at Naples Airport

Naples Airport does not currently have a rail or metro link, although there are plans for a metro line.

There is, however, a metro system in Naples and there is also Naples Central Station that connects the city with other Italian cities and areas. Naples Central Station is connected with the airport via Alibus shuttle bus service that runs between the airport, the train station and the port from early morning to around midnight every day of the week.

Destinations available from Naples Central Station include Salerno, Sorrento, Rome and Bari.

Some trains are regional, others are fast trains. Ticket prices vary depending on a few things such as the type of ticket (first class or standard, or other option available) and if it’s one-way or return, but it tends to be fairly cheap to take the train in Italy.

Metro in Naples City

The Metro system in Naples consists of two lines, the Yellow Metro Line 1 and the Purple Metro Line 2.

Metro Line 1 goes to all the major tourist attractions in the historic city center while Metro Line 2 runs to other areas of the city.

There are plans for a metro line that will connect the airport with central Naples to be in operation in 2024.