How to get to Naples International Airport by Bus

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Buses from Naples International Airport with Bus Routes and Times

When arriving at Naples Airport, please make sure to collect your luggage before proceeding to exit the airport. Transfer options available at the airport include rental cars, taxis and shuttle buses.

Bus Transfer at Naples Airport

There are bus transfers offered by different bus companies serving different destinations in the Naples area.

Naples City

Alibus provides a shuttle bus service between central Naples City and the airport. Buses depart every day from early morning to around midnight with a frequency of approximately every 20 minutes, although sometimes it can be 15 minutes and sometimes closer to an hour between departures.

The bus stop for departing Alibus shuttles is located approximately 50 m/164 ft from the terminal exit just past the shared taxi/ride share stop just before the bus parking lot.

Arriving buses drop passengers off right in front of the terminal.

Tickets can be purchased in vending machines in the Terminal, on board the bus as well as at a select range of authorized retailers.

Tickets cost 5.00 € and are valid for 90 minutes after the first validation. They are valid for one single ride.

Bus stops from the Airport:

  • Naples Airport
  • Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station)
  • Immacolatella/Porta di Massa
  • Molo Angioino/Beverello (Stazione Marittima)

Bus stops to the Airport:

  • Molo Angioino/Beverello (Stazione Marittima)
  • Immacolatella/Porta di Massa (inside Port)
  • Varco Pisacane (in front of Port Authority)
  • Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station)
  • Naples Airport

Other Bus Transfers

It is possible to reach other destinations directly from the airport through the bus services of other bus companies.

Companies with Websites:






Agenzia Infante Viaggi


Pintour Bus